Environment – Water – Renewable Energy – Sturgeons (MARES PN 2018)

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The main aim of the MARES Nucleus Program was to correlate its objectives with the “National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation 2014-2020” (SNCDI) by further addressing multidisciplinary research in the field of environmental protection, establishing appropriate environmental technologies, harnessing types of energy and materials specific to the development and production of green / renewable energy, monitoring the behavior and the improvement in the conservation status of the sturgeons that use the habitats from the lower course of the Danube River.
  • Project Coordinators
    Eng. Deák György Ph.D Habil.
    Ecol. Elena Holban Ph.D
    Eng. Cristina Maria
    Eng. Simona Diana Fronescu
  • Period
    04.2018 – 12.2018
  • Financed via
    Beneficiary: Ministry of Research and Innovation
Objective 1 – Environment

  • Research on the development of techniques for the use of glass with special properties as an eco-friendly construction material.
  • Research on the impact of the bioaccumulation of heavy metals in different freshwater fish species on the health of human population.
  • Research regarding innovative methods for assessing and controlling air quality in vulnerable areas of the urban environment.
  • Research concerning the use of advanced water treatment materials and their durability as dams / filters.Research regarding the ecological risk of contamination of aquatic ecosystems with pharmaceutical compounds belonging to the classes of: antibiotics, contraceptives, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Objective 2 – Water

  • Research on the evaluation of water quality parameters by utilizing numerical models in order to make a simulation of the pollutant dispersion process in the Danube River.
  • Contributions concerning the improvement of wastewater quality by using modern technologies to eliminate hazardous organic compounds.
  • Geomorphological studies on the evolution of the Bala Branch-Old Danube Branch, in the context of implementing the DKLB-C win-win hydrotechnical solution aimed at the redistribution of the river discharge from the Bala Branch to the Old Danube Branch.

Objective 3 – Renewable Energy

  • Research on the identification and development of new renewable energy technologies by using recyclable materials as well.

Objective 4 – Sturgeons

  • Studies on the migratory fish species from the lower course of the Danube River (sturgeons tagged with ultrasonic transmitters, Pontic shad) in order to improve their conservation measures.
  • 13 research studies according to the objectives of the Nucleus Program projects
  • 8 patent applications submitted to the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM).
  • 6 published articles in ISI indexed journals.
  • 2 published articles in BDI indexed magazines.
  • 31 scientific communications held at national and international events.
  • 2 technologies.
  • 1 procedure.
  • 4 analytical methods.
  • 7 dispersion maps.
  • 4 innovative materials.
  • 2 hydrotechnical solutions.
  • 1 database.
  • 1 hydrodynamic numerical model.
  • 14 project proposals based on the results of the Nucleus Program projects.
  • 16 diplomas of excellence and gold medals.
  • 12 silver medals.
  • 6 bronze medals.
  • 1 Innovation Cup.
  • Excellence Award in Innovation.