The Department of Environmental Quality Assessment (EQA) has extensive experience in monitoring and managing various environmental problems. The complementary specialisations of EQA staff members provides a comprehensive and integrated approach of research topics. The EQA department has been and is actively involved in numerous national and international projects, with subjects relating to environmental monitoring and the development of solutions for various environmental problems.

Area of competence:


Eng. Cristina Maria – CSI

Eng. Alexandru Ivanov – CSIII

PhD.biol Florica Marinescu – CSIII

Eng. Bianca Petculescu – CSIII

PhD.eng. Irina Ciobotaru – CSIII

Ecol. Ecaterina Marcu – ACS

Biol. Ioana Savin – ACS

Biol. Cristina Cimpoeru - ACS


Proiecte Reprezentative ale Departamentului „Controlul Calității Mediului”