BUCHAREST, 19-20 November 2014

The National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection (INCDPM) organised final technical meeting and final event of Build SEE project during 19th–20th of November 2014 at International Hotel, in Bucharest, Romania.
The first day of the meeting, 19th of November was dedicated to project partners responsible with outputs and deliverables who presented the results obtained on each working package.

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The second day of the meeting consisted of the final event of the project that brought together researchers, academics, engineers, local and governmental authorities, stakeholders in order to address and discuss emerging environmental issues, scientific achievements, research challenges and international collaborations together with the project partners. The guest speakers proved their expertise through the projects presented during the meeting. Besides the final results obtained and the impact of green energy, energy efficiency, social housing and environmental urban planning during this project, the following issues regarding sustainable development in urban areas and the concept of urban planning were analyzed in terms of:

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The partners involved in the project have actively participated at the presentations’ session, highlighting the following emerging  issues in their regions:

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